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Digital Guest Reporting System for Hotels and Vacation Apartments.



MASCH CM Studio .GRM-CLOUD eliminates the paper-based registration process at check-in, opens the way to the digital guest card of your region, and allows you as a hotelier to optionally issue bonus cards for your guests.

Filling out the guest registration forms is often perceived as annoying by all parties involved (hosts and guests), but it is absolutely necessary for three reasons:

First, it serves the fulfillment of the legal obligation to register for lodging establishments, which has increased dramatically in weight since September 11, 2001.

Second, in many places and regions, the guest registration system provides the data basis for providing a guest card with many benefits to the guest in the touristic region.

Third, the guest registration system is the commercial basis for the calculation of visitor's tax which hotels have to pay to the responsible municipality. At the same time, it is extremely important to observe and document compliance with data protection laws and the transparency of data processing, both towards the guest and the accommodation companies.

In the end, one principle must be adhered to:

The hotelier or vacation apartment landlord is the master of his data and the data release is only carried out with and through the consent of the entrepreneur!

Supported features:

3 - Complete your registration card

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