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The Matrix POS System is powerful, innovative and flexible.


The Matrix POS cash register system is a powerful, innovative and flexible system solution for the entire hotel and restaurant sector.

Thanks to its flexible and modular design, it covers everything from classic restaurants, hotel bars and self-service establishments to cafeterias and group catering.

Naturally, Matrix POS can be expanded as desired using a wide variety of components (software modules, hardware and interfaces).

The basic configuration of Matrix POS consists of intuitive and self-explanatory cash register and innovative management software.

Matrix POS is able to implement customer-specific CI specifications thanks to its efficient and freely scalable interface.

Matrix Backoffice is the background system for centralized setup, management, evaluation, analysis and data archiving.

Connection to other systems, such as KOST materials management for further data processing can be expanded in a modular way using standardized or system-specific interfaces.

Supported Features:

The user can find the customer booking in the MEWS System while using the search function within the POS during payment.

To find a customer in the hotel system, different search patterns can be used, as well as a room key card.

The payment is taken to the customer account via interface booking.

If needed, all payment types are transferred to the MEWS System.