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MiceRate is an algorithm-based revenue management system for meeting & event spaces, it combines booking automatization (including IBE, live availability, and quote generator) and dynamic prices.


Take advantage of the MiceRates price algorithm which compares historical data with current booking patterns. Depending on demand level it will put forward suggestions and align prices automatically. You may overwrite its suggestions as well.

Let your customers create their required quotations by themselves using MiceRate’s booking engine on your homepage. While customers are giving more details regarding their request at the same time the tool will be calculating the price according to your pricing rules and visibly for your customers. Upselling options are also calculated live.

Supported features:

1. Use Mews for meeting and event business as a capacity managing tool and MiceRate as the sales and catering part incl. quote generator, IBE, functions sheets / BEO, and price manager.

2. Display room availability and pricing within the booking engine.

3. Manage event bookings and communicate the booking to customers through MiceRate.