MiDAS Management Systems was established in 1987 and is based in Sandton, South Africa, with over 1,000 systems installed on a diverse range of PABX Systems. MiDAS Management Systems designs, develops, sells, installs and supports telephone management, voice mail and auto attendant systems for all business sectors, including hospitality.

With the technical expertise of highly trained staff, MiDAS can meet the requirements of the most complex of specifications and configure systems to suit all related eventualities. They provide full support on both hardware and software options to suit individual client needs, ranging from standard office hours to 24/7 cover. Service Level Agreements will secure a guaranteed response time, thus avoiding potential loss of income or undue expense. Remote access is available to distant or international sites.


  • Query in-house guests, retrieve room number and guest's name
  • Update the PABX system with the guest's name, open the guest extension, open the guest mailbox
  • Log calls made by guests, add hotel markup and post calls directly to the guest's bill
  • Enable housekeepers to update space status via the phone in the guest's room
  • Once the guest checks out, remove guest's name from PABX, close guest extension for external calls, and close guest mailbox

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