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MiQa offers a mobile application that, by using Artificial Intelligence, automatically assesses hotel room cleanliness.


In addition, it helps manage your cleaning process from start to finish.Supporting your daily operationsMiQa’s housekeeping platform based on AI, helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed property care, and deliver the best quality to hotels and their guests. With tools for intelligent room inspections, automatic task scheduling, real-time work support, multilingual messaging, owner reporting, and more, MiQa helps thousands of hospitality and facility operators increase their operational efficiency and boost level of quality.MiQa gives you direct insights into your housekeeping and technical department, lost and found items, and enables you to communicate with all your staff members in every language.MiQa allows you to easily assign rooms and extra cleaning tasks to your housekeepers and report technical defects on the spot. A picture paints a thousand wordsMiQa’s core functionality is an advanced algorithm, which recognizes and analyzes images down to the smallest detail. All it needs is a photo. Any task needing extra attention (e.g., bed wrinkles, dirt, dust, or missing inventory) or is the room ready for check-in? MiQa sees and tells the housekeeper in its native language which corrections need to be made. Not only does this result in higher cleaning quality and more autonomy, but it also saves lots of time for both housekeepers and managers. In short: a future-proof solution for facility management!