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Munu is a platform for people who are passionate about food and drink.


Our love for food and technology has set us out on a mission to make operations smarter in restaurants and bars worldwide. Our goal is to empower people to grow their business, leverage their data, simplify their work, and create unforgettable guest interactions. With a passion for quality and service, and with deep industry knowledge, we bring the future to the table.

Our platform is tailored for the hospitality industry, is easy to use, fully customizable and built to scale.

  • Most sought after services and features for hotels:
  • Cloud portal for administration, management, and reporting.
  • Cloud-based fixed & mobile POS units.
  • Attach F&B orders to rooms and companies.
  • Webshop: online ordering for dining in restaurants, room service, and table booking.
  • Automatic menu changes: set breakfast, lunch, or dinner by time of day.
  • Inventory management tool.
  • 24/7 customer support.