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Munu is a platform for people who are passionate about food and drink.


We make it easier to run profitable restaurants, bars, or cafés. From menu management and inventory to POS and self-service solutions - and everything in between - the Munu platform has it all connected in one system, so you can manage everything from one place. We know the value of fast and intuitive solutions that lets you and your staff focus on what really matters; taking care of guests and growing your business. Popular products and features for hotels: Cloud-based fixed & mobile POS units. Cloud portal for administration, management, and reporting. Attach F&B orders to rooms and companies Inventory management. Self-service: QR ordering, online store, and table booking. Menu autochanges: menu changes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner by time of day. Multipay: get paid from up to multiple guests from one POS unit at the same time. 24/7 customer support. ... and much, much more!