MyBookings Reporter: Google Data Studio Connector for Mews


Get insight into your Mews data in Google Data Studio.


With this connector you can benefit from in-depth reports based on all the available data about reservations, customers, rates, spaces and services in your hotel and blend them with other data sources in Google Data Studio, for valuable information to inspire smarter business decisions. Supported Features: 1) Connect Mews to Google Data Studio 2) Create customizable reports based on your Mews data 3) 360 degrees insight: filter, combine, blend and compare Mews data 4) Blend Mews data with other data sources in Google Data Studio, for example Analytics, OTA or campaign data Set up instructions: 1) MyBookings get in contact with the property and have them sign a contract/proposal. This should take no longer than 3 business days. 2) Set up a demo report with the property's data connected. This is delivered within 24 hrs after signing the proposal. At this point we will hand over to the property and consider the connection 'live'. 3) If needed, additional support/custom reports are created for the client.

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