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MyForecast is an intuitive Revenue Management System which quickly provides all the Data Intelligence you need in making pricing decisions.


MyForecast starts from the analysis of hotel historical data comparing current and up to the previous 2 years, analyses the booking sources and dialogues easily with Channel Managers by automatically sending online rates on distribution channels and transforming sales strategies into truly successful strategies. MyForecast seamlessly integrates with Mews and receives data about: Room nights, revenue, pick up and pick up revenue, and sources. Your data and the performance of your hotel are always under control and immediately available. MyForecast provides the following: • Daily analysis, per room and source • Flexible management of Pick Up days • KPI per reservation source and room • KPI comparison between current year, previous years and SDLY (same day last year) • What if scenario analysis • Alert • Helper for automatic rate management • Statistics & Graphs • Customizable Event Calendar • Weather • Safe rate setting • Competitive set rates and pressure-driven demand • Import and export all information and statistic data XML, CSV, Excel formats. • No limit on the number of users per license. Supported features: • Obtain gross or net revenue data • Receive data on requested or assigned room type • Choose between Origin or Business segment • Customize scheduling (timetable import ) sync times • Choose all the Mews products (breakfast-lunch-dinner-tax.. etc), included in their revenue data • Choose Mews booking status of reservations