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myHotel is an easy-friendly software designed to the help staff hotel manage and improve the guest experience.

It provides tools for hotels to gather feedback and insights from guests, analyze guest data, and track guest satisfaction metrics as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The software allows hotels to identify areas for improvement, apply changes, and measure the impact of these on guest satisfaction.

Additionally, myHotel offers features such as reputation management, guest communication, and case management tool. Overall, the software aims to help hotels deliver exceptional guest experience and improve their reputation in the highly competitive hospitality industry.


Your supported features:

Web check-in and sale of additional services before arrival.

Satisfaction surveys.

OTA monitoring and comparison with the competition.

Internal communication channel and real-time monitoring of your guests' problems.

Group all the feedback from your guests in one place (major travel sites such as, Tripadvisor and Google).