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myHotel is a company that delivers business intelligence through customer satisfaction analysis, which they gather from all possible sources: tablets in front-desk, during-stay surveys, post-stay surveys, online reviews in 100+ OTAs, QR surveys in rooms, and much more! This company's mission is to solve a nasty problem that nowadays happens more and more often in hotels, that is to gather in 1 single place all the possible aggregated information that you can get from guests' feedbacks, making their lives easier and letting them focus on their businesses.



They take charge of sending unlimited messages to guests in multiple channels such as email, SMS, WhatsApp, and doing it so easily that hoteliers can configure all of these sending rules in a few clicks. They have Semantic analysis for all of the comments both on surveys and online reviews with top-notch AI algorithm specific to the property's industry, they gather reviews automatically from 100+ OTAs so that hoteliers don't need to check many different sites for this and obviously you can configure alerts for different rules such as a promoter or detractor so you can react in real time to real problems and make your guests satisfactions the best possible. You can even offer an upselling platform to your guests previous to their stays, including a contactless Web Check-in so that they don't need to go through all the tedious front-desk process at their arrival. myHotel's goal: simplify hoteliers’ life and boost your customer satisfaction (higher the satisfaction, higher revenues).

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