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Founded in 2006, NextPax is a leading channel manager specialised in providing complex API-connectivity solutions that enable seamless connectivity between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide.


The extensive network of NextPax consists of 600,000+ properties and is continuously growing by connecting new hotels, professional property managers and channels to the network. The cutting edge and highly automated distribution technology provided by NextPax, allows properties (such as Novasol, CenterParcs, Interhome, HotelPlanner, etc.) to be distributed via all major distribution channels and numerous niche channels. Connectivity includes availability, rates, inventory, bookings and content updates. NextPax is preferred partner of & HomeAway. Supported features: - Automatic channel management - Full real-time synchronisation of prices and availability - Full sync on reservations, cancellations and modifications. - Full content distribution of your images, descriptions, amenities, sub-room information and distances. - Variety of payment solutions integrated.

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