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Oaky is an upselling software that helps hotels boost their revenue by offering relevant upgrades & services to their guests throughout the whole guest journey.

With automation, segmentation & dynamic pricing, it maximises the average spend per guest and removes manual work. Oaky has been recognised as the Best Upselling Software by Hotel Tech Report for 6 years in a row and is trusted by hotels, groups and chains across the globe, including the ONYX Hospitality & Radisson Hotel Group.  

Oaky drives additional profit and enhances the guest experience by:  

**Pre-stay Upselling**

- Using firsthand data & insights, Oaky sends targeted room upgrades & services to the right guest at the optimal time pre-arrival. It helps inform your guests about available offerings and encourages them to spend more.  

**Front-desk Upselling**

- Transform your upselling efforts at the front desk and boost ancillary revenue by 5-9 times. Your front desk agents get instant access to the information they need for more successful upsells, such as room upgrades/services availability, pricing as well as guest reservation data.  

**In-stay Upselling**

- Provide guests with ongoing access to your upselling deals through QR codes or in-stay messaging. Let them browse and book deals at their convenience and help your team handle guest requests faster.  

##Key features

- Cross-channel distribution

- Dynamic pricing

- Branding

- Services library

- Reporting

- Chain dashboard

- Availability management

- Gamification

- Training

*“Thanks to the integration between Mews & Oaky, we don't have to handpick every upgrade and add it to a guest profile anymore. It all happens automatically now, which is so much better.”*

Jelle Landman, General Manager at Grand Hotel ter Duin