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At OK2Charge, we are on a quest to make this planet greener, cleaner and healthier by making eco-friendly energy more accessible for electric vehicle (EV) travellers.

We’re doing this by building a network of smart charging stations at thousands of destinations — bringing clean energy to the last mile of vacation travel.

We connect with Mews in order to allow our mutual customers to offer this new amenity to their guests as a new revenue stream. We synchronize unit and reservation information to make sure the EV Charging service is only available for the guests on the reservation.

Supported features:

1. Book a reservation;
2. Receive a message before check-in to activate the EV Charging service for your stay;
3. On arrival, scan the QR code located on the front of the charger and sign in to our web-based app. No need for downloads;
4. If the EV Charging service was pre-enabled, you will start charging right away; otherwise, you can enable the service with a simple process in the app.