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Organize and presents your data and a variety of information at one address with multidimensional and diversified filtering options providing instant, flexible user-friendly access to useful reports, dashboards, and tables.

The system operates as a powerful multi property hotel analytics and management tool to visualize information from various sources. Operandi offers automated real-time data visualization, for all aspects of your revenue and operational financial performance, you can tailor make instantly, using data from various internal and external sources. Mixing and matching data from multiple systems allows you to build relationships and observe correlations that would be difficult to identify using traditional reporting systems. Operandi is a unique tool that offers the opportunity to view and analyze diverse information and simplify complex data combinations. Acting as a periscope and a time machine, Operandi offer a simple to use intuitive and interactive dashboards, that allows you to track and analyze key factors with a top-down approach for all KIP’s (Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, Revenue, Room Nights, Nationalities and Business Mix…); historical (5 years back); actual and future business; with look-up dates combining both historical/actual and BoB data. With Operandi, the bygone days of printing of an endless number of reports, cross-checking and combining manually data to get the information you need, are gone forever.