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Housekeeping is the largest controllable expense in your property and the department with the most definitive impact on guest satisfaction.


Optii Keeper is the leading specialist housekeeping optimization software. It enables outstanding productivity and efficiency and creates an environment for hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences. A focus on lean and resilient operations delivers outstanding productivity and efficiency & creates the environment for you to deliver exceptional guest experiences while reducing cost. AI predicted cleaning times by guest, enabling unparalleled ease and accuracy in planning and monitoring. Dynamic algorithms evaluate the optimum cleaning sequences for efficiency and room readiness on arrival. Analytics and insights into team performance, turnaround times and unique KPIs to enable proactive decision-making. Automated routine tasks free up time to spend with guests and the team. Supported Features: - Real-time monitoring & management of room attendant and room status - Track, monitor, and measure team performance - Automate Daily Room Assignments in minutes