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Otrum Mirage provides all you need to provide a rich, branded guest TV-experience for your guest.


You can build advanced user-interfaces, connecting to external data-sources to merge data from multiple sources. The system is fully cloud-based, multi-tenant and as a reseller you can provide new sites in a manner of seconds. You can monitor the state of your site(s) real time, and all data is available via our open APIs. 1. Guest is checked-in 2. TV powers on displaying a personalized welcome page 3. Guest experience is personalized 1. Guest requests current bill via TV-menu 2. System fetches bill data from MEWS 3. Bill data is presented to guest 1. Guest selects to checkout remotely from the room 2. The guest bill is displayed on the TV 3. The guest accepts the bill 4. The TV is powered off 5. All guest related data is erased from TV and back-end 1. Guest checks out 2. TV is powered off 3. All guest related data is erased from TV and back-end

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