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Since 2004 Planday has been improving the lives of more than 1 billion shift workers across the globe.


Our easy-to-use, flexible workforce management platform empowers both managers and employees to collaborate better by increasing transparency and open communication. By simplifying scheduling, time tracking, communication and staff management, we help businesses scale, saving time and money, while maintaining authentic employee engagement.

Using Planday and Mews together gives you a robust solution for staff scheduling, time tracking, vacation management, payroll, reporting and more.

The integration will support you in monitoring your revenue vs. scheduled labour cost and identify where improvements can be made. Configure, activate the integration and start importing the daily revenue to Planday in almost realtime.

Supported features:

1. Staff management - one place for your employee management tasks

2. Scheduling - drastically cut down on your scheduling time

3. Communication - communication that gets everyone on the same page

4. Punch clock - employee Punch Clock app

5. Reports - reports that give you the overview you need

6. App - a shift worker app that lets you work from anywhere