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PlatefoRM is a decision support tool for Revenue / Yield Management for independent hotels.


This Business Intelligence solution gives hoteliers the information they need to optimize their revenue. Indeed, this technological solution makes it possible to visualize all the key performance indicators for a hotel. PlatefoRM presents the data in the form of dynamic and interactive dashboards and graphs allowing to have a synthetic vision of the main key indicators: Occupancy rate, average price, RevPar, pick-up, positioning of the main competitors, benchmarking, market trends ... Thanks to an API connection to Mews, PlatefoRM renders statistics in the form of graphs in real time. PlatefoRM collects, stores and analyzes the data in order to optimize the pricing, the distribution and the marketing strategies which ultimately will increase the hotel's total revenue. PlatefoRM has been designed and developed by hoteliers for hoteliers. In addition, PlatefoRM has developed a specific module for groups.