The POPINA application is an APP available on AppStore, it can be installed by any owner of an iPad in a few minutes.

With POPINA the customers can simplify the collection but it is also a system of management of the preparation at the level of the centers of production.

In addition we are always working to improve our application, it is one of the easiest to take over the market. It has more than 400 features and integration.

To confirm our statement she is the highest rated POS cash on AppStore!
Popina now integrates the integration of MEWS, which will allow you to transfer POPINA to the PMS MEWS software. Transfer of a table or consumption of a customer to his room, all in the idea of ​​always improved the customer experience.


  • Find Customers
  • Send Order to room or customers
  • Link Popina Categories to Mews services Categories
  • Send Outlets for all order payed in Popina system

Mews package

Can only be purchased by users on the Professional plan or the Enterprise plan.

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