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PouchNATION provides an easy solution for Hostel chains for them to easily manage their customers, increase revenue and guest spending, and manage their products and inventory.


Verify and check reservation details so guests can go fully cashless on your property. Synchronize accounting records and customer bills to MEWS. Supported features: 1. Retrieve customer bill to MEWS 2. Synchronize accounting records back to MEWS 3. Synchronize outlet bills for non-MEWS customers (Walk-in Customers) Integration between MEWS and PouchNATION Wristband + POS Onboarding: Before an integration between Mews and PouchNATION can be utilized, clients are required to create an account from this link: venue.pouchnation.com. The onboarding process is fully self-service and can be done in less than an hour. However, if the client needs help in onboarding or have clarifications, they can ask through pouchnation.com/contact-us form.