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PriceLabs is a powerful web-based revenue management & dynamic pricing software for short-term rentals.

Our algorithms use hyper-local market data to along with automation rules, and customizations to help you manage pricing and stay restrictions! It is used by thousands of property managers around the world to increase revenue and minimize time spent playing around with calendars, which helps them focus on more value add strategic initiatives. Supported Features: Dynamic pricing: Rate automation based on hyper-local market data coupled with powerful customization tools for manual intervention. Dynamic minimum stays: Don’t just control your pricing, but also adjust your stay restrictions. Get bookings for orphan days left between two reservations! Bulk updates: Quickly update rates for several properties using “Group” feature Location adjustments: Adjust location of your properties to get the most out Market-based dynamic pricing! Market dashboards: Observe bookings trends in your market for future looking dates. Solution for vacation rentals, apart-Hotels and Hostels.