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A Business Intelligence set of solutions supporting hotels' strategic decisions.


A Business Intelligence set of solutions supporting hotels' strategic decisions. Profit Intelligence turns your data into profit! Profit Intelligence develops a range of affordable and ergonomic online solutions that supports the hoteliers to make strategic decisions, optimize profits and revenues.....and Take control of their strategy! What's in it for you? - Systems & Data Agnostics: We connect to any system - our smart data technology fit any data type and integration method - Customization: You decide and design your own revenue experience - No more Data worries: Our job is to get your data ready and actionable for you - Silo breaker: Communicate and collaborate with all departments and with the right focus: Total, rooms M&E, f&b...revenues and costs. Our goal is to offer, flexible, hotel specific applications, designed by our clients and experts. We believe that choosing the right technology will not only increase your bottom-line but also serves internal alignment, SOP's and strategies. Supported Features: - Data Analytics : 100% Customizable Dashboards, charts & KPIs from various data sources - Cost Intel’ Analytics : Know your True Net Rate and manage your sales & distribution - Strategic Studio : Set your Revenue Management strategy from everywhere - Total Forecast Studio : Easy forecast(s) updates in few clicks - Group Pricing Studio : Quote a group in a minute and be the first to answer your lead! - Smart connect: Multi-connect your hotels to review and optimize all hotels strategies in one place

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