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A Business Intelligence set of solutions supporting hotels and hybrid inventory properties strategic decisions.


**Profit Intelligence** transforms hotels, hostels, aparthotels… data into higher profits.

Our affordable, intuitive online solutions empower hoteliers to make strategic decisions that optimize revenue and profits. 

Take control of your strategy with:

1. Customizable dashboards, charts and KPIs
2. True net rate and cost analytics
3. Revenue management strategy tools
4. Inventory management at all levels : rooms, beds, dorms, apartments...
5. Streamlined forecasting updates
6. Quick group quoting
7. Centralized strategy review across properties’portfolio

Our goal is to provide targeted applications designed in collaboration with clients and experts.

**Benefits of using Profit Intelligence:**

1. System & data agnostic technology: We integrate with any hospitality system. Our flexible data architecture supports any data type or integration method.
2. Tailored solutions: We customize our solutions based on your specific needs and KPIs.
3. Worry-free data management: We prepare and organize your data so it's ready for analysis when you need it.
4. Cross-departmental insights: Collaborate and communicate across teams with the right revenue metrics for management, F&B, events and more.

We believe the right technology not only boosts profits but also drives alignment, processes and execution of your revenue strategy.
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