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Quicktext provides instant communication for hotels.

It puts together all the communication channels from live chat, sms, Facebook messenger, Line, Twitter, Telegram, Viber. Quicktext also has a chatbot for social networks that can reply to the guests by using artificial intelligence. The bot will be able to check availability, make bookings, suggestions, etc. The system centralises the main instant communication channels in a single easy to manage platform. Zoe the AI powered chatbot answers most customers request automatically as a result you'll increase direct sales while freeing your staff of some time wasting phone calls and emails. Customers have questions and doubts especially before they book your property. Failing to answer them will often make you loose the sale. Quicktext makes you able to give them immediate answers through live chat on your website, Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS etc. Every customer is unique but most of their questions are the same so Zoe chatbot, the AI component of Quicktext, interacts with your online visitors to convince them to book at your hotel. She can manage 80% of customer interactions allowing you to focus human effort on high value-added messages. Quicktext empowers you to take back control of your sales by: - Removing all barriers to reservations - Increasing your direct sales and boosting your additional sales.