Quicktext Free Hotel Chatbot

Quicktext free chatbot instantly answers your customers’ top questions, takes some pressure off your teams and boosts direct bookings.

Reassure potential guests by clearing up doubts about your property. Quicktext delivers instant answers to your customers’ top 20 questions, 24/7 in two languages.

Quicktext chatbot is a virtual sales agent on your website, able to process direct reservation requests thanks to a direct connectivity with the Mews Booking Engine.

80% of customer interactions are repetitive. Quicktext chatbot provides automated answers to your customers' top 20 FAQs.

Note that Quicktext also has a Premium version with an enhanced level of service and automation, offering customers information about more complex subjects, in a wider range of languages and through more mediums (WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Booking.com, Google, etc.). The differences between Quicktext Freemium and Premium are explained here: https://www.quicktext.im/freemium/


  • Boost direct bookings
  • Save time for your front desk staff
  • Reassure and engage customers

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