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Consolidate all your data into one tool and helping hotels to automate their revenue & pricing strategy.


Rate Wise is a leading revenue management company providing cloud-based revenue management software.

Our RMS is trusted by many hotels across the globe, it integrates your revenue strategy, PMS data & competitor data into one tool and can send your rate strategy back out to your PMS or Channel Manager.

Key Features:

  • Daily rate suggestions
  • Business Analytics
  • Data mining
  • Displacement analysis
  • Competitor rate shop
  • Forecasting tool
  • Pickup analysis
  • Pacing data

Benefits of using Rate Wise RMS:

  • Increase in revenue: our customers report an increase in revenue when analysing and reviewing their data on a daily basis with our tools.

  • Increased efficiency & time saving: our system does all the work, no need to compile information. You have the ability to make effective decisions quickly.

  • Future demand: our system identifies gaps in demand by market segment, allowing hoteliers to be proactive, helping you to make quick effective decisions.

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