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Are you ready to increase your revenue.

RevControl, the Dutch cloud-based revenue management system, has been specially developed by hospitality experts to make your revenue management easy. It calculates recommended room rates based on the history, forecast, competitors and chosen pricing strategy. In addition, its clear reports and graphs give you quick insights in how your business is evolving.

RevControl saves you time!

By working with RevControl you save on average 16 hours a week:

• 4 hours per week for deciding which rates to use on each day. RevControl calculates the most optimal room rates up to 4 times per hour based on history, expected occupancy, competitors and your pricing strategy. Surely no employee has the time to recalculate the room rates for 365 days 4 times an hour?

• 1 hour per day on manually changing rates in your PMS or Channel Manager. RevControl automatically publishes recommended rates for the next 365 days when using AutoPublish.

• 3 hours per week looking up competitor rates on OTA’s. RevControl retrieves the prices of 10 self-selected competitors for 365 days in advance. These prices are used in reports and graphs to easily monitor the rate development of your competitors and they are used in the calculation of the recommended rates.

• 4 hours a week for making analyses. The dashboard of RevControl shows all relevant statistics and alerts in one comprehensive overview for daily use. A simple click-through will bring you to the underlying detailed reporting should you wish to take a closer look.

Your revenue will increase!

Apart from the time savings, RevControl generates an average of 17,5% more revenue on an annual basis:

• Your prices are in line with the market at all times

• A higher occupancy at a time of lower market demand due to a reduction in prices

• Pickup alerts prevent you from missing out on unexpectedly higher demand and optimize your prices in line with demand and your competitors


And last but not least: your profit will also be higher! You can group your distribution channels by commission level and use RevControls Rate Buckets to automatically close more expensive channels when reaching higher occupancy levels.

Some of our great features

RevControl is a system designed to assist you as a hotelier in your daily tasks. We have many great features and we regularly update the system with new and improved features based on user feedback.


You can track daily rates of your top 10 most important competitors and use the competitor index to align your rates with the market.


Automatically publish rates to your PMS or Channel Manager. New rate recommendations are available for 365 days in advance and calculated up to 4 times per hour. Hybrid or manual mode is also possible, you are in control!


RevControl is perfectly suitable for centralised revenue management in hotel groups. You can view data from all your properties together, or select each individual property.


This feature allows you to automatically open and close rate groups based on your hotel's Business on the Books or Forecasted Occupancy, so you have full control of your distribution cost.


Calculate room rates for groups and check your availability in a convenient tool.

Ready to start?

Excited to start automating your revenue management? The RevControl onboarding team will guide you through the installation to make the transition as smooth as possible. They will train you and assist with the setup. Once live, you may consult our knowledge base for frequently asked questions and our support department will assist you via chat or email.

RevControl, market leader in revenue management systems for independent hotels in the Netherlands and Belgium, is here to make your revenue management easy!