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RG Nets offers a purpose-built multi-services platform that delivers network features to enhance guest satisfaction and occupancy, streamline network and conference operations, increase operational efficiency, and cultivate overall brand loyalty.


Reliable high-performance internet access is an essential element in every competitive hospitality property, demanded by business travelers, vacationing families, conference attendees, operational systems, and staff. The RG Nets rXg delivers network services that maximize network performance, security and guest satisfaction while significantly reducing operational costs.

The rXg provides unparalleled security without compromising ease of use; customizable and PMS-integrated generation of guest credentials via Pre-Shared Keys (PSK) specific to your wireless vendor’s systems allow simple onboarding of guests and their devices, with secure 802.1x authentication, eliminating the need to have an open SSID with an unsecured internet guest portal. Additionally, the use of PSK authentication allows guests to securely connect multiple devices, even ‘headless’ IoT devices, simply and easily.

Once connected, the rXg forms a personal area network (PAN) for each room, guest and their connected devices. The PAN is securely microsegmented from all other devices on the network, and allows your guests to control their devices - and any smart-room control devices - securely from anywhere on property.

The rXg can seamlessly integrate with your PMS, billing and guest loyalty systems to deliver personalized services to your guests as they interact with the network property-wide; location-based services can deliver enhanced and time-limited marketing offers, social announcements, wayfinding assistance, and self-serve amenity ordering and fulfillment. The feature-rich conference portal can provide your temporary and nomadic guests with access only in approved locations, exhibitors the option to self-provision robust internet services, and conference organizers to deliver important informational and promotional content to their attendees.

The rXg delivers high performance connectivity to operational staff, including seamless roaming property-wide - even across multiple wireless vendors and technologies. Push-to-talk devices, handheld data devices, laptops and tablets… any operational infrastructure can benefit from the features the rXg delivers.