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Right Revenue provides a powerful Revenue Management software solution, designed specifically for independent hotels.

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We understand your pain points… Our goal was to design a software solution that took the myth out of big data and simply presented useful data; accurate forecasted demand and of course, great rate recommendations all within an easy-to-use solution.

Designed and developed by a CEO with over 20 years Revenue Management experience, plus a team with the knowledge and the passion to provide a solution that allows your independent hotel to operate on a level playing field with the big brands.     

Here at Right Revenue, we have 3 goals:

1. *Grow Revenue* – by providing rate recommendations by room type, based on market-leading AI, every day for two years in advance. Our pricing strategy is based around your needs – whether that be: full open pricing per room type with automated rate updates or perhaps following a more traditional rate strategy, Right Revenue is completely flexible and can be tailored to your needs
2. *Ensure you never miss an opportunity* – Right Revenue highlights ‘need dates’ so that your team can then do what they do best… employ a sales & marketing strategy – keeping you pro-active and not re-active. We also ensure that your rate strategy is not based on ‘business on the books’ but instead based on forecasted demand
3. *Save Time* – we understand that ‘relevant data’ is more important than ‘big data’, producing bespoke reporting which drive key actions

**Supported Features:**

* Access all reservation data from RR
* Provide analytical, graphical reports from reservation data
* Identify booking trends
* Provide forecasting and recommendations 
* Allow easy update of prices from RR rate calendar

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