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Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven communication solution.

##Introduction is a virtual guest assistant which communicates using popular communication channels such as WhatsApp. By applying conversation AI guests are able to communicate the way they are used to in their daily life through their preferred communication channels such as WhatsApp (opening rate of 98%).
**Great for:** Instant Q&A / customer service, promotion of specific offers and upsells, review management and notification of important things to know during their stay. ##Benefits: - **Improved guest experience:** Guests do not have to wait in line anymore and get instant gratification on all their questions. They can use their preferred device and get instantly what they need from the hotel. - **Save operational costs:** Hotels save time as all frequently asked questions are answered within the conversation between the guest and Hotel staff can focus on enhancing the experience of the guest instead of spending time on simple questions. - **Sustainable guest relationships:** Hotels have the ability to build a relationship with its guests pre-, in- and post-stay. Welcome messages, check-in messages and review messages are sent automatically to the guest on WhatsApp. **In progress:** - **Increase ancillary revenues:** guests have the opportunity to book extras which are available in the hotel such as breakfast and late check-out. As a hotel you can proactively send messages to guests to promote upsells and other promos. ##How does the integration with mews work? - Booking information is used to generated personalised messages: - Name - Stay dates - Phone number In progress: - Message log in Mews messaging portal - Booked upsells processed in Mews on booking level - Requested tasks processed in Mews task manager For more information - please visit Contact:
+31 6 18 31 98 36