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SAB systems offers a dynamic cloud based television system and more.


When you sign up with SAB, they will bring you a dedicated ultra high speed fiberoptic broadband connection (or black fibre) directly from their data centre. Because everything is cloud based, you don't have to worry about installing and maintaining a bulky server in your property. Each room is fitted with a multiservice box with dedicated secured wifi that allows guests to connect with everything from TV, radio, in rooms speakers, phones & Chromecast. Welcome messages with guest names pulled from MEWS is displayed on televisions. SAB SYSTEM offers a plug&play one-stop-shop telecom solution in the cloud for hotels to get ready for the digital revolution! First, SAB SYSTEM delivers to your hotel all your current IT services through its ultra high bandwidth optical fiber: telephone, CCTV, TV and radio channels, internet access, all these services will be delivered at lightspeed to you and your customers. You can just get rid of all the servers and old electronic equipments you still have to manage your IT! Better service, better quality, more place to live and work in your back office. Second, each room of your hotel will be equipped with a set top box: your guests will benefit from hundreds of TV and radio channels, hopefully from their countries, a menu of services in their languages, and, most important, will get access to internet through a private, highly secured and dedicated to their room wifi access point available on the box, hence directly inside the room. And this is magical: your customers will, at last, enjoy an efficient wifi! Besides, since this wifi network is private and dedicated to the room, SAB SYSTEM can create a specific wifi ecosystem inside the room: the system connects a Chromecast (with sources being changed automatically between the set top box and the Chromecast), they also connect a wifi SIP phone, we connect wifi speakers, etc. ... Your guests enjoy the very same technological comfort they already have at home. Third, in the common spaces, our set top box will be a wifi access point as well as a CCTV camera: one device, one cable, saving you extra amounts on hardware installations. Last but not least, SAB SYSTEM services evolve constantly, and your hotel can benefit from this constant evolution: all it takes is adding some functionalities on the servers and updates to setup boxes without any overcosts, and this is it! You do not need to wait for the next refurbishment of your hotel to follow the fast track of technological changes!