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Skeat is a 100% cloud based platform allowing hotels to design and build a custom digital guest experience meeting the expectations of the on-demand world.


Create your white labeled mobile web app in no time and allow 100% of your Guests to enjoy it during their whole stay without downloading anything. It is accessible through QR codes at any time or anywhere in your hotel. Thanks to this guest-facing web app and Skeat’s powerful management platform : - Create new revenue channels for on-site upselling (book a massage or a meeting room, order room service…)- Digitize on site payments and secure your transactions- Gather and display all the necessary information directly on your guests’ smartphone - Make sure your guests are well informed about what your hotel has to offer (activites, services..) - Gather live guest feedback during their stay and solve problems before they leave your hotel- Simplify your operations (fast checkout/check-in, room-to-desk chat, To ensure seamless experience and back-office operations, Skeat is fully connected to your existing softwares (Mews PMS, POS, CRM, Payment gateways…) and 100% customizable. Your Supported Features: 1. Pre-stay up selling (F&B items, shop, or any other service) 2. Room charging with guest authentication 3. Online payment (credit card, mobile payment) 4. Book and buy services (Spa, meeting rooms, late checkout…) 5. Digital room service ordering - Online Fast Checkout