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Complete Voucher Solutions in One Place - Easily design and create ‘Monetary’ or ‘Experience’ vouchers for your Accommodation, Restaurant, Spa or Leisure services.


With instant voucher delivery via email, Smart-Gift provides an easy to use, voucher management platform that offers an enjoyable experience and integrates seamlessly with Mews for quick and simple redemption of vouchers across your business.


**How Does it Work?**

Smart Gift provides its customers with an easy-to-use system for creating, managing and selling vouchers through its easy-to-use dashboard.


**Uniquely Branded**

Smart Gift generates a clean, attractive layout for your property by default but provides a wealth of options for customising each property to achieve a great-looking design.


**Advanced Reporting**

Smart Gift allows you to track sales, redemptions, and tax for your vouchers in our easy-to-use reporting section to ensure you always have the information you need.


**Ready To Go**

Our 'Go live' checklist walks you through each step to take you from sign-up to selling your first voucher with Smart Gift.



###**Key features**:


- Create promotional experience vouchers including room, breakfast, and dining.

- Vouchers redeemable at multi venues.

- Reporting: Sales dashboard | Detailed Revenue reporting

- Redeems Vouchers directly into Mews.

- Daily Voucher Sales reported in Mews automatically.

- Separate TAX/VAT on monetary & experience vouchers



### **About the company**


Smart Gift was conceived to revolutionise the way businesses create, implement, and monetise voucher revenue streams- simultaneously providing an easy to use, enjoyable experience for the end user.


Our team has decades of experience building SaaS software solutions and you can be assured you are partnered with a leading innovative customer focused organisation