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More direct bookings through smart guest data usage.


With the Smart Host CRM solution, you automatically generate more direct bookings using your MEWS data. Our email based campaigns always reach your guests at the perfect time and convince them with a stunning design. In addition, with Smart Host offer management and inquiry management, you can quickly (offer creation in under 90 seconds) send your potential guests offers that will be accepted. Smart Host offers show your room availability in real time. If your guest still has questions, Smart Host Correspondence Manager helps to summarize guest communication channel-independent within one tool and to communicate with the guest in real time. More direct bookings. More satisfied guests. Better guest relations. Simply: Smart Host.

Supported features:

  1. Create targeted campaigns using your guest data
  2. Create offers based on available rooms and extras
  3. Communicate with your guests in real time
  4. Enrich your guest data
  5. Personalize your communication

Are you changing your PMS? Did you know that most hotels lose their entire reservation history in the process?

No more worrying about reservation data! When changing PMS, Smart Host ensures that not only your guest data but also your entire reservation history is not lost.