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Solay is a cost-free, app-based solution for Hotels and Resorts that removes the hassle & stress of unreserved seating at pools and beaches while adding new revenue streams.


Solay is perfect for managing the chaos of a first come, first served model - as well as managing social distance with ease. Solay is easy to use at all staff levels and provides simple access to guest booking data in real time. There are no other technology integration requirements or long contracts. To encourage the return of pleasurable travel experiences, Solay is currently waiving chair rental fees for Hotel and Resort guests (subject to change), however, Hotels and Resorts always collect 100% of cabana revenue. Finally, Hotels and Resorts maintain control over the location and quantity of reservable chairs and cabanas provided to Solay. This means, it is easy to start with just a few reservable sections if needed -and hoteliers can turn off the service immediately or set black out dates at anytime. Finally, guests can sleep in...with Solay, their seats are set! Paradise reserved with a tap, not your towel.