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SourceTech Extend is a PBX-PMS middleware dedicated for Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise/Office and various PMS systems.


As well as performing the necessary protocol conversions it also enables sharing a single Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise/Office with multiple PMS systems.The solution consists of two parts - one Extend Server and one (or multiple) Extend Clients.The Extend Server is connected to the PBX and dispatches PMS data back and forth between the client(s) and the PBX. Each Extend Client is responsible for the communication with its own PMS system.Both the server and client run as MS Windows services and can also be containerized. Your Supported Features: - Check in room phone, sets guest name and language and allow outbound calls. - Check out room phone, resets name and language and disallow outbound calls. - Move guest between rooms - Update room status from room phone