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Sponteous is a cloud-based upselling platform that enables guests to bid on room upgrades.



Briefly, hotels can send bidding requests to their incoming guests. Once guests click on their personalized link, they can, by moving a slider, name their price on the premium empty rooms. Hoteliers can accept or decline offers directly in their dashboard. If the offer is accepted, the guest will be notified and they will pay the difference at your hotel. It is a powerful solution to increase the bottom line, without any cannibalization of the current sales, and improve the guest experience at the same time. Sponteous is packed with features to make upselling easy. The bidding page and the email template can be fully customized to fit the color and style of the hotel brand. Moreover, Sponteous offers an automation tool to send bidding requests on autopilot mode. Of course, bidding requests are only sent if there is enough inventory and hoteliers can exclude or allowed specific market segments. Supported Features: 1. Send bidding requests to your guests in a fully automated way 2. Choose who should receive an invite to bid from your market segments 3. Accept your best offers automatically 4. Get data and insights about your upselling performance

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