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stsHotel is the best solution for the complete supervision of the hotel, guaranteeing energy efficiency, personnel management and the best comfort for guests.



**stsHotel** system represents the ideal solution for building automation applied to accommodation facilities. **stsHotel** is able to satisfy every need in the field of technological management of buildings, guaranteeing the supervision of accesses, presences, alarms, actuations and anything that can be traced back to energy saving and human resource management functions. The stsHotel Mews integration simplifies and automates reception procedures such as checkin and checkout. **stsHotel** system is made up of modules and control units distributed in the field capable of controlling the different areas of a hotel. By interconnecting the peripherals together, in BUS lines, it is possible to supervise and manage the system in real time from remote locations. In addition to room equipment, the system can be made up of modules for the control of common areas and technological rooms. Supported Features: - automatic update of reservations - notification of room status

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