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Simple housekeeping and task management for hospitality.


Sweeply simplifies housekeeping and task management for hospitality. It delivers more effective operations by giving real-time housekeeping and dynamic task management. Sweeply eliminates printouts, phone calls, and yellow stickers. Sweeply helps your team get things done!

Control your whole property: Sweely integrates with your PMS and covers guests, rooms, public areas, and other units. Connect rules to units that generate tasks.

Real-time housekeeping: Easily create a plan, assign your staff, and manage the workload for team members. Get a real-time overview of units and workforce.

Empower your team with task transparency: Easy task management enables minimal supervision from team leaders. Staff experiences more productivity and less stress, creating a positive work experience!

Enable service excellence: Capture issues in seconds and have all issues in one place for a quicker resolution. Create your own categories, such as maintenance, minibar, housekeeping, lost&found, etc.

Optional housekeeping: Guests can choose their service level, and at the same time, there is less workload and inventory used. Sweeply supports both an opt-in and opt-out policy. More environmentally friendly.

Reports for insight: Understand your operations and measure staff productivity. Optimize shift schedules and track efficiency across different periods.