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Takhys® for Management is the Takhys Software, S.


Takhys® for Management is the Takhys Software, S.L. platform for the hospitality sector that covers all the needs of incidences and procedures, as well as other areas of the hotel business (minibars, housekeeping, planning, etc.), in a simple way and always from the end client's point of view. Takhys® for Management is licensed as a SaaS with unlimited number of hotels, spaces, elements and users. Empower your staff to interact directly with the system, marking tasks completed and ready for approval, flagging incidences for other department, etc. with the help of real-time updates and notifications to relevant staff AND suppliers. Have a detailed control of any issue that takes place anywhere within your hotel. Incidences get tracked and solved in a quick and effective way. Takhys® for Management gives you a way to visualise all the operational aspects of your hotel and their current status, whether they are tasks or procedures such as legionella controls, checking swimming pool pH, fire extinguisher checks, housekeeping daily priorities and progress, meter readings and much more. The platform is always on and always accessible, from smartphones, tablets & desktops. Also it has an App developed in native system for those users who are in continuous movement that allows the main functions of the application to be carried out even if the connection is lost. Designed to help all non-technical users work effectively and efficiently with the platform & App. You will be able to fully adapt the platform to your hotel & users processes. Supported Features: - Receive the occupation and cleaning status of the rooms. - Send to Mews the changes of cleaning status. - Send to Mews the consumptions of Minibar