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Turbosuite is the first SaaS made for hotels and vacation rentals that increases not only occupancy but also revenue using big data and artificial intelligence,While our competitors use the average price of a competitive set to determine the price of an establishment, we study the information of the whole city.


We collect more than 4 million data points per day from Booking, Expedia and Airbnb,Our algorithm then takes into account more than 116 differential factors to determine the most appropriate price.Currently, hotels and vacation rentals send only one price per day for each category, however, Turbosuite segments by agency sending up to 60 different prices for different clients. Vacation Rentals using Turbosuite have been rewarded with an increase in revenue of over 40%,In addition, our clients save 15 hours of work per week for every 10 rooms or apartments.We are currently leaders in Spain and Latin America, and we have opened in the USA. So in our first two years, we have already managed more than 24000 bookable units in 35 countries through our offices in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brasil.

Supported features:

Reservations Retrieval:

  • Reservation Code
  • OTA Reservation Code
  • Creation Date
  • Check In Date

Check Out Date

  • Amount
  • Reservation Source (OTA)
  • State (Confirmed / Canceled / Etc.)
  • Property Reference **Being able to filter by property reference and creation date.

Prices Retrieval, Minimum Stay and Availability:

  • Property Reference
  • Date
  • Price
  • Minimum Stay
  • Availability **Being able to filter by property reference and date.

Prices and Minimum Stay Changes:

  • Property Reference
  • Date