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Ubiliz is the best solution to allow you to sell and manage your gift vouchers easily while allowing a reservation directly in your PMS Mews.


Ubiliz is France's leading solution for selling and managing gift vouchers. In only 1 hour, you can build an online shop with a design totally similar to your website. 100% compatible with any CMS, you will have the shortest and most fluid purchase funnel available on the market.

Ubiliz pay technology will make you natively compatible with Apple pay and google play as well as with all existing credit cards, without forgetting direct debit.

The tracking and management of vouchers is made easier by an intuitive and ergonomic back office and reinforced by its native compatibility with Mews. You'll save a considerable amount of time and improve your customers' experience. Boost your sales and save time thanks to the Mews / Ubiliz synergy.