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Uniplaces is a leading online platform for mid-long-term rentals, and we are connecting to multiple channel managers, including Mews.


Through this powerful integration, Uniplaces offers a streamlined booking experience, ensuring our customers have access to a vast selection of high-quality listings. What sets Uniplaces apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to both property owners and tenants.

With our user-friendly platform and extensive network of trusted partners, we enable tenants to find the perfect place to call home during their stay in the city. Our dedication to excellence has established Uniplaces as the go-to platform for tenants seeking reliable and convenient accommodation solutions for staying for long periods (an average of 6 months).

The integration with Mews plays a pivotal role in our mission to provide the best possible experience for our users. By leveraging your API, we retrieve and synchronize listings from our mutual customers, ensuring up-to-date availability and accurate information. This integration enables us to expand our portfolio of listings, offering tenants an even wider selection of suitable accommodations.

At Uniplaces, we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy in the booking process. By partnering with Mews and other channel managers, we eliminate the need for manual data entry and minimize the risk of discrepancies. Our integration ensures that listings are instantly available on our platform, providing tenants with real-time booking options and simplifying the management of property information for owners.

1. Find a place

2. Register on the platform

3. Fill up a form to make a booking request

4. Make multiple booking requests

5. One can be accepted and other booking requests will be rejected

6. On the dashboard, all the information regarding the place the user will stay, and for the landlord all the information about the booking and the tenant