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io is a marketing platform that helps hospitality brands to generate and automatically distribute personalized promotions like vouchers, coupons, discounts, referrals, and loyalty programs. Property Managers can connect the Vouchery-MEWS integration in minutes to timely trigger a personal voucher code at every step of the guest's life-cycle, whether it is an upselling coupon upon successful reservation, an apology voucher after a complaint, a special occasion promo, or an appreciation gift card for the 10th stay at the property. Vouchery Promo Hub can be easily integrated with any 3rd party marketing platform or Point-Of-Sale, to make the coupons synchronized across multi-channel guest journeys, while our simple QR voucher scanning mobile and tablet app makes the coupons redeemable across physical locations like bars, restaurants, and 3rd party affiliate partners. All designed to shape a long-lasting guest relationship with your brand. Supported Features: - voucher workflows, like generating personal guest vouchers upon MEWS booking and sending them to guests via email - ready-to-use set of rules and restrictions that can be added to each coupon, eg. min. spending value, voucher timeframe, or customer segment - mobile/tablet app for an easy voucher scanning redemption at physical locations, like bars, restaurants, and 3rd party affiliates - reporting dashboard, that includes Guest Persona data with available and redeemed vouchers, loyalty points and gift-card credits