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xPlan is the most comprehensive software solution for spa's, thermal baths, waterparks, Health Clubs, wellness resorts and chains.

Discover xPlan, your ultimate Spa software solution that transforms your hotel's Spa operations. With xPlan, your hotel can experience a remarkable boost in revenue and profit margins while dramatically reducing operational costs. It's no wonder that industry leaders trust xPlan to elevate their Spa experience, from sprawling luxury resorts to charming boutique hotels and chains (using our Chain module). Thanks to some unique features, never before seen in other spa solutions.

What does the xPlan <>Mews Integration have to offer:

- Search for Customer in Mews and add them as a client in xPlan (updates of client details are two-way)

- Charge xPlan services/products to the clients room/customer bill in Mews

- Post End of day Balances to Mews

- Create, cancel and modify reservations in xPlan based on bookings in Mews