Leading in intelligent workflows and business intelligence for the hospitality industry.


As a Microsoft ISV Partner, we combine a state-of-the-art Azure-based architecture for analytics and automation with a participative, people-first approach to development and implementation.  

In doing so, we enable our customers to visibly increase profitability and embed data-driven decision-making in their organizations. 
First, we extract data from 50+ hospitality-specific systems such as property management, point of sale, workforce planning, kitchen management, purchase, finance, and HR management software. Our API platform brings all your operational data together and creates one single source of truth. 

Next, we validate the data both technically and functionally based on our 100+ validation checks. Our thorough validation process delivers trustworthy data to every single user every single day.  

Then, we transform the data into our data model and enrich it with customer-specific business rules. Our data warehouse enables you to a) track guest behavior and sales activities from reservations to hotel stays to dining experiences and b) link sales activities to related labor and purchase activities.  

After, we load the data into other systems for automation purposes or into PowerBI for analysis purposes. Our architecture employs the same extraction, validation, and transformation processes for analytics and automation and avoids costly and unnecessary parallel integrations and workflows. 

There, our teams or our customers’ teams analyze the data with our 500+ hospitality-specific analyses and key performance indicators and visualize it with our 150+ dashboard templates. Our DAX and PowerBI libraries enable you to deliver dashboards tailored to the needs of specific users within your organization. We have department-based dashboards such as Finance, HR, Reservations, Restaurant, and F&B as well as theme-based dashboards such as Sales, Labour, and Purchase. 

Finally, we support our customers’ teams with business intelligence consultancy, business intelligence development, and DAX and PowerBI training courses. Our consultants and analysts can either implement our solutions end-to-end or facilitate your teams during the implementation process.

With more than 500 hospitality-specific analyses and key performance indicators, we cover a wide range of data analysis needs. To name a few:    
- Budget comparisons: compare performance with automatically generated or imported budgets   
- Previous period comparisons: compare performance with previous days, weeks, months or years   
- Branch comparisons: cluster locations and compare performance and growth between locations   
- Sales forecasting: automatically generated net sales forecast per product per hour   
- Labour forecasting: automatically generated hours forecast per department per hour   
- Purchase forecasting: automatically generated quantity forecast per article per delivery