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Zoom-letter provides a solution for direct hotel communication with hotel guests.


The systems collects relevant data from Mews and pushes this information directly to virtual zoom allowing you to send relevant mailshots to your guests for both post-stay and pre-arrival. Zoom-letter CRM is the complete solution to direct communication with your clients. It can store information, send offers, say ""thank you"" and can ask for client evaluation. When booking on the hotel's website, it will offer the client an incentive to do direct booking, by using POP UP and STOP EXIT banners and promocodes. Prior to the client's arrival, it will send them PRE Stay welcoming e-mail, e-mails offering extra services or a possibility to use the ONLINE CHECK-IN. It is up to the hotel how many deliveries and which dates they choose. After the client's departure, it will send them POST Stay e-mail with a ""thank you"" note and a request for a rating review or a bonus for a future reservation or a request to fill in the zoom-letter questionnaire.