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Bowo is a custom made digital solution which allows hotels to enhance traveler experience and to answer to some operational needs.



In order to do so, BOWO install a premium tablet in each room on which the dedicated application is installed as well as a smart docking station. With Bowo's solution, guests can effortlessly find and book all your internal services, the systems commitment is to find best external services (spa, pressing, ticket tour etc.) or content (newspapier, video on demand, etc.) to satisfy customer needs and increase hotel turnover : SATISFACTION AND UPSELL! Most importantly, Bowo have long been obsessed with having a hotel process simplification and, as a custom made application, the system connects to your current tools from a PMS to reservation widgets. Bowo is fully integrated with Mews PMS. This allows you to offer a customized travel experience remove communication barriers automatically upsell through Bowo tablets. Bowo gives hotels the freedom to design their own guest experiences and enjoy key performance indicators thanks to a dedicated hotel portal. Hotels will be able to manage the complete application, follow the 80% guest satisfaction, 75% daily usage rate and even appreciate an average daily usage time of 25 mins. Last but not least: installation, maintenance and insurance is included into Bowo's pricing. Bowo do not ask for hardware investment. Our offers are based on a monthly basis rent, a perfect way to appreciate a positive return of investment from day 1.

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