CheKin is a software solution for hosts to automate the guest identification and legal obligations of the check-in process, allowing properties to offer the best experience possible to their customers and save themselves time and money.

We allow guests to check in online, with this data we automatically send it to the authorities keeping you 100% legally compliant but without the manual process. With our online check in we can integrate with several smart locks providers and allow completely remote access. Our online check in captures, stores and verifies guest identification using biometric match technology to make your property even more secure.

Our solution is perfect for a wide range of accommodation businesses such as Hotels, Vacation rentals, Hostels, Serviced apartments. We have registered more than 2 millions guests all around the world and we are trusted by some of the most well known hospitality brands in the world such as Airbnb, Sonder and Oyorooms.

How the integration between Mews and CheKin works? All listings and reservations will be synced in CheKin account and an online check in request will be sent to guests; guests data will be gathered, sent to authorities and we generate all the documentation needed and store it for time required by law; we can also push data back into Mews therefore allowing the PMS to store more guest information.


  • Listings and Bookings auto sync
  • Online registration for guests and identity verification in case of remote access
  • Data report to Authorities and generation of all the documentation required by law
  • Accommodations access automated by connecting to several smart locks and key storage solutions.

Mews package

Can only be purchased by users on the Professional plan or the Enterprise plan.

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