iVvy Venues

The iVvy Venues integration allows iVvy and Mews to communicate about group bookings made in iVvy.

When a booking is created in iVvy, the integration will also create a booking in Mews that matches the number of reservations expected as part of that block size. As the block size changes, iVvy will add or remove empty reservations against the booking.

As reservations are added either in Mews or through iVvy's tools, they will also be added automatically to the other respective system. Cancellations are also fully synced.


  • Ensure any changes to bookings are automatically reflected in Mews so you get true live availability
  • Push your rates and inventory counts from Mews into iVvy to appear on your iVvy GRC, and your iVvy Booking Engine
  • Minimize oversold inventory and expedite the quote process

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