Pxier Events

Pxier Events' cloud-based software service is designed for all your event management needs. Pxier's intuitive and simple user interface makes it easy to organize your data and helps managers make informed decisions by having your key performance indicators at your finger-tips via dashboards and reports.

As a result, organizations and departments can focus more on their customers and use Pxier software to automate and efficiently manage day to day activities, all with a great support team to help you every step of the way. As Pxier was built working with customers in the hospitality industry and has been evolving on an ongoing basis, it's loaded with features designed to address real problems encountered by organizations every day and can easily be configured to fit your business needs.


  • Post contracted revenue directly to customer profiles in Mews
  • Pull live availability and rates directly from Mews
  • Manage group bookings from Pxier in Mews

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