ROOMDEX Upsell Optimizer is a digital upselling system. It assembles and prices upsell offers intelligently, to maximize conversion and ROI. ROOMDEX does not add any operational tasks or efforts, as it also takes into account the operational needs of the hotel, like balancing the house and true availability for early arrivals and late departures. Our yielding engine ensures you get the best possible price you can obtain, and that makes sense for the hotel. ROOMDEX automatically recognizes the intricacies of most hotels and, once connected, requires little additional configuration. Take ROOMDEX for a free 2-months test-run! Supported features: Automated evaluation of upgrade eligible reservations Automated determination of availability Automated upsell pricing Automated emailing of optimized offer at optimal time Upon CTR, real-time re-computation of the entire offer Upon selection of one or more offer items - update reservation in PMS - add products - add tasks and link to reservation - If successful, confirmation page shows accordingly - if unsuccessful, the unsuccessful items are shown as pending, with information about hotel to contact them. Alert email with email content for guest is sent to hotel. In the application 'hotel', a web application, configurations and controls are available to the hotel agent with corresponding access permissions. 'hotel' also includes an upselling BI.

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